2009 Kawasaki TERYX 750 FI 4X4 NRA

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    The Only High-Performance V-Twin Powered RUV
    • Liquid-cooled, 749cc SOHC, 4-valve, fuel-injected, 90-degree V-twin engine is the most powerful engine in its class
    • Ample torque output from the oversquare 85 x 66 mm bore and stroke engine contributes to the Teryx's superb acceleration and allows powerslides on command
    • The 90° V-Twin configuration offers perfect primary balance, resulting in low engine vibration
    • Aluminum cylinders are Electrofusion-plated for light weight, long wear and excellent heat dispersion
    • Engine can be started in any gear when the brakes are applied
    • Electronically controlled Kawasaki Engine Brake Control helps to slow the RUV when traversing steep down hills
    • Positioned mid-ship for optimum front/rear balance – good for power slides and cornering control
    • Ducts located by the cargo bed direct cooling air to the engine
    • To maintain the ideal engine oil pressure the oil level was raised and the crankcase breather room and the area around the oil pump were revised
    • New top piston ring with revised twist angle and reduced end gap, and the shape of breather room in the generator cover was changed to decrease the oil loss
    • Radiator is compact and placed high in the chassis for better protection against mud and debris
    New Digital Fuel Injection system
    • High output 750cc twin engine now has digital fuel injection, which enhances throttle response and automatically adjusts for changes in temperature and altitude
    • The fuel injection system (controlled by a 32-bit CPU) continually monitors coolant temperature, air intake temperature, throttle position, air intake pressure, vehicle speed and crankshaft angle to automatically meter out the ideal amount of fuel via two 34mm throttle bodies for extremely stable power delivery – regardless of the conditions
    • Instantaneous fuel delivery from the fuel injection makes its response sharper than ever
    • FI system permits easy engine starting at low temperature and utilizes an Automatic Idle Speed Control and Automatic Fast Idle function to ensure a smooth engine warm up
    • The high-pressure fuel pump located inside the tank features a unique reservoir chamber at the bottom of the fuel pump to ensure air does not get into the fuel system
    • Specific Teryx-sized throttle bodies and revised ignition timing have increased low and mid-range torque as well as improved response at higher rpm
    • Revised ignition timing when in reverse combined with low-speed operation and deceleration FI settings better enable the engine to deal with increased moisture when driving in shallow water
    Improved Continuously Variable Transmission
    • Featuring high and low ranges, plus reverse, the CVT provides a very direct feel from the engine, and instantaneous acceleration – ideal characteristics for sport riding
    • Transmission utilizes a high-grade belt that's highly durable and designed to handle the high output of the engine
    • The CVT Belt Protection System better prevents tire freewheel, has upgraded rock section performance and less belt overloading by adding Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) data into the system
    • For better protection against water entry, the intake and exhaust ducts were changed, with the new exhaust duct opening located higher and the revised intake duct flowing more air to the CVT for better cooling
    • Intake temperature reduced with heat shielding on the exhaust pipe below the intake duct
    New Airbox design
    • Increasing air cleaner box volume and changing the ducting shape and length lowered the noise level near riders' heads
    Selectable Four-wheel-drive / Variable Front Differential Control
    • Rider can select twoor four-wheel-drive operation by pressing a switch located on the dash
    • Electrically “selectable” 2WD/4WD system engages instantly
    • Limited-slip front differential reduces steering effort under normal four-wheel drive operation, while Variable Front Differential Control permits rider to distribute torque equally to left and right front wheels for maximum traction via a hand lever located between the seats
    • Rear wheels are locked and always turning together for cornering control
    Wide-body Chassis
    • Large-diameter thin-walled tubular steel frame offers high rigidity – a perfect base for performance riding
    • Meets SAE requirements as a roll-over protective structure (ROPS)
    • First with sport performance-focused suspension – low-speed comfort not a main design priority
    • Wide track helps provide additional stability
    • Chassis has 11.7 inches of ground clearance for clearing tough off-road obstacles
    • Utilizes the sport ATV long dual front A-arm suspension and narrow frame concept to maximize the length of the front and rear suspension's lower A-arms, contributing to excellent road-handling performance
    • Chassis offers the right balance of bump absorption while limiting understeer
    • Able to tackle corners in either a drift or grip style and operate beyond the limits of its rivals
    Sport-focused Suspension
    • High-performance, single-chamber, adjustable gas-charged Kayaba shocks offer excellent fade-resistant damping performance, even in hard conditions, while providing 7.5 inches of travel
    • Independent rear suspension provides the best balance of rider comfort and handling at high speeds, and 7.5 inches of travel
    • The adjustable gas-charged Kayaba rear shocks feature piggy-back reservoirs, further reducing the tendency of oil to froth under hard conditions
    • Both front and rear shocks are preload-adjustable
    • Increased rear suspension damping and compression force and decreased the stabilizer stiffness contribute to improved ride quality
    High-performance Brakes
    • Dual front 200mm disc brakes gripped by 27mm twin-piston calipers and Kawasaki's sealed, oil-bathed, multi-disc rear brake system provide maximum stopping power in all conditions
    • The compact size of the rear brake design contributes to a favorable ground clearance
    • The front discs are recessed in wheels for protection from debris, while the rigid-mount calipers deliver enhanced brake feel and increased control
    Large 26-inch Tires
    • The 26-inch MAXXIS tires specially developed for the Teryx maximize forward traction while offering excellent control characteristics for both aggressive cornering and sliding
    • Mounted on 12-inch rims, the largest tires available in the RUV category provide good rough terrain performance and obstacle clearance
    Cargo Capability
    • Cargo bed offers substantial carrying capacity with a 500 lb capacity, tie down hooks in all four corners, standard cargo net and sizeable dimensions
    • Gas-assisted tilting cargo bed facilitates dumping cargo and is now a standard feature on all Teryx models
    • Plenty of shoulder and legroom to comfortably accommodate two adults
    • Form-fitting bucket seats and retractable three-point seatbelts hold rider and passenger firmly in place
    • Steering wheel positioned low for optimum control when sport riding
    Upgraded Multi-Function Display
    • Now standard on all models, it includes a digital speedometer, clock, dual trip meters plus 2WD/4WD indicator, water temperature and fuel injection warning indicators
    • New for '09 features include digital fuel gauge and parking brake indicator
    • Additional indicator lamps include CVT belt warning, neutral, reverse and low oil pressure warning
    • Body work is made of high-gloss scratch-resistant Thermo-Plastic Olefin
    • Realtree® APG HD™ camouflage
    • Steel engine guard for maximum protection
    • Battery and electric parts located higher, further out of the way of water and mud
    • Revised rear mud guard offers increased mud protection
    • Dual 40W headlights and 8/27W dual taillights
    Range / Transportability
    • Large 7.4 gal. (28L) fuel tank offers the range to allow campers and hunters to easily get deep into the bush and back
    • The Teryx is compact enough to fit in the bed of most full-size pickup trucks
    Additional NRA OUTDOORS Edition features
    • Digital meter
    • Camo dashboard with retracting cup holder
    • Revised and strengthened hard top
    • Camo wheels
    • Half-Windshield
    • Dual Kolpin gun scabbards
    • Engine: Liquid-cooled, 90-degree, four-stroke V-twin
    • Valve System: SOHC, four valves per cylinder
    • Displacement: 749cc
    • Starting System: Electric
    • Bore x stroke: 85 x 66mm
    • Compression Ratio: 8.8:1
    • Fuel System: 2 x Mikuni 34 mm throttle bodies
    • Ignition: Digital DC-CDI
    • Transmission: Continuously variable belt-drive transmission with high and low range, plus reverse, and Kawasaki Engine Brake Control
    • Final drive: Selectable four-wheel drive with Variable Front Differential Control, shaft
    • Frame type: Large diameter, thin-walled, high-tensile tubular steel
    • Front suspension / wheel travel: Adjustable dual A-arm with gas charged shocks / 7.5 in.
    • Rear suspension / wheel travel: Adjustable Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) with gas charged, reservoir shocks / 7.5 in.
    • Front tires: Maxxis 26x8-12
    • Rear tires: Maxxis 26x10-12
    • Front brakes: Dual hydraulic discs with 2-piston calipers
    • Rear brake: Sealed, oil-bathed, multi-disc
    • Overall length: 116.4 in.
    • Overall width: 58.5 in.
    • Overall height: 79.0 in.
    • Wheelbase: 79.6 in.
    • Ground clearance: 11.7 in.
    • Lighting: (2) 40W headlights, (2) 8W taillight, 27W stoplight
    • Cargo Bed Capacity: 500 lbs, 44.2 W x 32.7 L x 11.1 in. H
    • Towing Capacity: 1300 lbs.
    • Curb weight: 1438 lbs.
    • Fuel capacity: 7.4 gal.
    • Instruments: Multi-Function Digital Meter with speedometer, fuel gauge, clock hour meter, odometer, dual trip meter and parking brake, R/N/P/4WD, water temp and oil pressure indicators
    • Standard Colors: Realtree® APG HD™ camouflage
    • Warranty: 6 months base warranty
    • Good Times Protection Plan: 12, 24,36, & 48 months



    Engine Type
    90-degree, four-stroke V-twin, SOHC, four valves per cylinder
    749 cc
    Bore and Stroke
    85 x 66 mm
    Compression Ratio
    Fuel System
    2 x Mikuni 34 mm throttle bodies
    Digital DC-CDI


    Front Suspension
    Adjustable dual A-arm with gas charged shocks
    Front Brakes
    Dual hydraulic discs with 2-piston calipers
    Front Tire
    Maxxis 26x8-12
    Rear Suspension
    Adjustable Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) with gas charged, reservoir shocks
    Rear Brakes
    Sealed, oil-bathed, multi-disc
    Rear Tire
    Maxxis 26x10-12


    Dry Weight
    1438 lbs.
    79.6 in.
    Front Travel
    7.5 in.
    Rear Travel
    7.5 in.
    Ground Clearance
    11.7 in.
    Fuel Capacity
    7.4 gal
    Box Capacity
    500 lbs. (44.2 W x 32.7 L x 11.1 in. H)
    Towing Capacity
    1300 lbs.


    Continuously variable belt-drive transmission with high and low range, plus reverse, and Kawasaki Engine Brake Control
    Drive System
    Final drive: Selectable four-wheel drive with Variable Front Differential Control, shaft


    Realtree® APG HD™ camouflage
    6 months base warranty; Optional: Good Times Protection Plan (12, 24,36, & 48 months)